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Fully systematic, automated, data-driven solutions providing finance along the entire supply chain lifecycle. Algorithms analyse transactional data to assess the actual risk in payments and underwrite financing decisions.

Working Capital


Gardenia's Data Analytics software identifies and visualises working capital improvement opportunities along the entire supply chain, providing actionable insights that directly impact the bottom line.

Gardenia provides insights around:

  • Data Overview - 10,000 foot view on your data
  • Missed Discounts (AP) - capture 100% of cash discounts in supplier terms
  • Duplicate Payments (AP) - recover past duplicate supplier payments and stop new ones
  • Early / Late Payments - release the Working Capital trapped in early payments and reduce the risk of late payments
  • Term Harmonisation - clear view of payment terms, term discrepancies, and potential value to improve
  • Simulate & Optimise - visualise ‘implied’ vs “realised’ distribution Working Capital release



Algorithms assess the actual risk in payments, and detect transaction anomalies to deploy external, off balance sheet funding.

Programmes are managed and actively monitored using a multi-factor treasury & risk management software; improving all counterparties' working capital ratios, whilst reducing costs.

Supply Chain Finance – Fully systematic, automated, end-to-end, Payables financing solutions, providing early payments (purchase order, pre-approval and post approval) to the entire supply chain.

Receivables Finance – Purpose-built, highly scalable Receivables financing offerings, customized around specific corporate requirements, and offering a unique yield enhancement optionality to reduce cash drag & opportunity cost.

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