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Intelligent and actionable analytics allow clients to identify inefficiencies, optimisation opportunities, and process improvements. Algorithmic, invoice financing solutions boost working capital, improve cash-flow, and enhance profitability.

Working Capital


Our proprietary technology increases the transparency of complex high volume processes involved in business transactions via an interactive visualisation tool. A range of root-cause-analysis and actionable insights allows clients to easily decrease Net Working Capital, improve profitability, and make resource-allocation decisions.



Gardenia has pioneered the way to finance pre-confirmed / pre-approved invoices, for both Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables, to make programmes effortless, scalable and competitive. Gardenia use its fully systematic, algorithmically-driven trading and risk-management tool to advance finance at the earliest point.

Our buyer-led automated and algorithmic Payables Finance solution, provides early payments (purchase order, pre-approved invoices, dynamic discounting and payment extension) to the entire supply chain.

Our seller-led scalable and systematic Receivables Finance offering, is purpose-built around specific corporate requirements, and offers a unique yield enhancement option to reduce cash drag & opportunity cost.

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